A Letter from Dr. Frank Hayden

Dear athletes, families and friends,       

Monday January 21, 2019

Welcome to Calgary for the Special Olympics Alberta Winter Games!

As athletes – and families, friends and supporters – you’ve all worked exceptionally hard to get to this level of competition. Just as all other athletes and families before you over the past 50 years, your dedication, drive and commitment continues to impress me. The sky truly is the limit of what you can do.             

As you progress through the various competitions, it’s important to remember that Special Olympics doesn’t exist for Provincial, National or World Games. My intent 50 years ago wasn’t to find the fastest snowshoer or speed skater – it was to transform the lives of individuals with an intellectual disability by making them fitter and healthier.            

As athletes at provincial games, consider yourselves ambassadors for the Special Olympics movement and role models for younger, community-level athletes. Your successes help raise awareness of Special Olympics in your community, so we can reach even more people with an intellectual disability, so they too can experience the transformative power of sport.  

I wish you great success in the competition this weekend. I’m thrilled you are part of Special Olympics in Canada and that you’ve excelled in your sport, making it to the Provincial Games.           

Enjoy your time in Calgary and, as always, be brave in the attempt!            


Dr. Frank Hayden 

Dr. Frank Hayden | Creator Special Olympics